We love photo shoots.... 

We have a full fleet of purpose built vehicles so we can be your sole provider for you next unit base. We have 3 Make Up Trucks, Airstream motorhome, brand new honey wagons, lush dining buses with rear production areas.

​All our vehicles are equipped with Honda generators, LED lighting and a very cheerful driver! Just give us a call so we can give you a quote for the next job.

Welcome to the Location Van website! We are just crazy about our vehicles here, leading the way to providing you with the ultimate vehicles for your shoot or event in the UK. We have now become one of the leading companies in the UK and Europe, providing to most of the very top production houses.

Our fleet of Twelve quality vehicles include Winnebagos, Make up trucks, Honey Wagons as well as great Location Vans - everything you need for a smooth shoot. London based we are near to most of the major studios, plus we have seriously experienced drivers with years in the industry that can help you along the way.

..... and commercials too. 

Location Vans & Winnebago Hire


Our brand new Location Vans have been built in house using 20 years of experience in the media industry. Ideal for the tightest streets in London to the windy roads in Scotland 

Our base vehicle the Mercedes Sprinter has been adapted to hold a crew of 8 plus driver. In the rear of the location van there us a make up area, wardrobe rails, rear toilet and a wopping 5.8Kw super silent generator. The vehicle is also adapted with leather interior, air conditioning, awning, and LED lighting.

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